1. Protank 3 Dual Coil Clearomizer
    2. Protank 3 Dual Coil ClearomizerThe dual core for the eco-friendly clearomizer achieves larger heating area, producing large amount of smog that is 2 times that of the regular product.
    1. Kingkong E Cigarette Battery
    2. Kingkong E Cigarette BatteryThe 18.5mm outer diameter makes it possible for use in conjunction with 18.5mm atomizer. The high capacity E-cigar battery is available in many colors.
    1. Mechanical Mod E Cigarette Battery
    2. Mechanical Mod E Cigarette BatteryThe switch locking device makes it safer for use. Our stainless steel electronic cigarette battery is available is certain models for your selection, including HORNET, CHI YOU, KING, CARAVELA, HAMMER, and NEMESIS.
    1. S-CA1 E Cigarette Battery
    2. S-CA1 E Cigarette BatteryThe 3-6V voltage and the 5-15W power can be adjusted by 0.1V and 0.5W, respectively. The display indicates the resistance, voltage, and the capacity.
    1. SREC E Cigarette Battery
    2. SREC E Cigarette BatteryIn addition, the LCD will offer the function to protect the product from overheating, lower battery, and short circuit. In the meantime, it can also remind users of inspecting the cartomizer.
  • Development History
    1. On August 1, 2011, S-body came into being. We had strengths in 510 series, EGO series and LEO series dual coil cartomizers and continuously attracted customers all over the world. In June 2012, we faced a tough test. Due to hot weather, the transparent outer shell of a cartomizer readily cracked. After repeated market research, material analysis and sample testing, we summarized various ...
  • Advantages
    1. S-body owns 5 engineers and 4 development technicians. We not only try our best to improve the functions of our existing products, but also continuously research and develop new products, on the basis of market requirements, customer feedback and our professional experience. Our operation principle is to provide customers with high quality and excellent service ...
  • Information
    1. The e-cigarette does not contain tar, which harms human health, and other ...

    2. When you are using an e-cigarette, there is no burning procedure, which effectively ...

    3. The electronic cigarette avoids passive smoking, and doesn't cause harm to non-smokers ...

  • FAQ
    1. You can use an injection syringe to slowly inject the liquid into the gap between the metallic tube wall and a fireproofing sponge. Bear in mind that during injection, please gradually remove the syringe needle from the gap ...

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